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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Well, I didn't get the job. I am two parts relieved (I don't think I would have been a good fit for this child's needs), one part peeved (I may think I'm not the right person for the job but I don't necessarily want to be agreed with), one part stressed (we really do need some extra money, and, even though that particular job paid very little, it would have helped) and one part sad that I didn't get the job, just because the location and hours would have been absolutely perfect - it was only 2 miles away, and they wanted someone to work from 10.45am till 3pm, school days only.

Hmmm. So it seems that there are five parts to me. Who knew.

I enjoyed walking the kids to school this morning; it's a misty grey day so walking fast felt good. I presume that all this walking (around five miles a day) must be making me a little fitter; it's certainly good for my mental health.

We re-watched Rabbit-Proof Fence with the children last night, and I'm still partly stuck in the movie ... It seems almost inconceiveable that atrocities like that were happening as recently as 1970. If you haven't yet seen this film, it's the true story of three half-caste aboriginal girls who, as per government policy, were removed from their families and sent to boarding school, to be trained as servants. They escape, and set out to walk the thousand miles or so back home across the desert. Incredibly powerful and beautifully filmed, and, though hard to watch, suitable for the whole family. Certainly makes for good family discussions ...

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