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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

So I spent this morning filling out some more job application forms, and chopping veggies for soup, and doing some writing, and doing laundry, and at two-ish I was just about to start measuring the flour for bread when the phone rang. Someone from the school where I applied for that teacher's assistant post, wanting to know why I hadn't returned the message they'd left on my answering machine, to set up an interview date. Well, I would have, if there had actually been a message on my machine ... Don't know what happened there ...

So I went to an interview this afternoon and, well, if I were them I think I probably wouldn't give me the job. I'd be prepared to give the job a good shot, but I just don't know if I'm the best person to help an 11 year old boy with ADHD and an aggression problem. They seemed quite keen on me during the interview but I was quite upfront about not knowing if I had the skills for the job. So we'll see what they say. Apparently they'll call tomorrow and let me know either way. Not sure what I'll say if they actually offer it to me ... Bobby has a relentlessly optimistic attitude to my job search; I could tell him that I'd applied for a job shovelling manure between 11pm and 3am every night with a crew of convicted felons and he'd say - Fantastic! That sounds so interesting! I'd like a job like that.

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