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Sunday, October 16, 2005

A view of the lighthouse taken this afternoon from the cliff at Beachy Head on the East Sussex coast. Taken, I might add, by someone who frightened his wife by standing way too close to the crumbly, eroding, about-to-disintegrate edge of that cliff in order to get a well-composed shot.

This one shows just how sheer the cliffs are, and how long the drop is. It's kind of odd - you can park your car and walk just a few metres, and there you are at the top of a sheer drop. No climbing there, though - the cliffs are all chalk.

You can walk for miles along the top of the cliffs; it's very beautiful. The dots you can see on top of the ridge in the second picture are walkers. We didn't walk terribly far, though; it was too windy and chilly for us. We're going to have to become more intrepid before the winter arrives. Either that, or buy much warmer clothes.

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