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Thursday, October 20, 2005

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This is the neighbor's cat, sitting on the roof of their shed. People here do seem to like their little garden sheds. We have one too, lurking at the bottom of our garden. I suppose they're so popular because garages are so rare.

It's a beautiful Autumn morning here. It rained last night, so the air is clear and everything has that sharp, freshly washed look, and the leaves are all gold and green.

Supper's cooking in the slow-cooker, bread is rising, I've just sent off for an application form for a job which I'd love but which I have almost no chance of getting, and I've got an interview week after next for another teaching job.

There are forms to be filled in on the kitchen table, laundry to be dealt with, messages to be returned, and (this evening) an interview with Sophie's teacher to be attended.

I do not feel like doing any of these things.

What I would really like to do is go back to bed with my book and a cup of tea.

But I won't.

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