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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I took this picture yesterday, when the sun was actually shining. (Today the sky is a sullen grey and there's a cold wind blowing). That's our driveway, to the right of the shop with the green trim. Our house is directly behind the shop (the infamous butchers').

And this is the house itself.

If you face the house, our parking bays are to the left of the front door. The cars you can see belong to our right-hand-side-in-front-us neighbours, and, since they never move them, getting out of our bays involves reversing past them, down the narrow drive-way, and into the busy street.

The bottom window is our kitchen window; the top one is Stephen's bedroom.

Because the house is built on a slope, the kitchen is actually somewhat below street-level. This means that if we leave the kitchen blinds open at night, our brightly-lit kitchen looks just like a stage-set to passers-by. This horrifies Stephen. Sometimes we leave the kitchen blinds open just to torment him. We do not know what his room looks like at night from outside if the blinds are left open because the only way that will ever happen is over his dead body.

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