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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Bobby came home from work tonight feeling rather miserable, all sniffley and flu-ey. He blames it on having had to run into the grocery store in the rain after work last night to pick up a swede. They had a special on Scandinavians this week, so I really wanted to get one while they were cheap. Sorry. Actually Ems had to make soup in Food Technology (which, in my day, would have been called Home Economics) and needed to take in a leek, a carrot, a potato, an onion, some celery and some chopped swede, the last of which we did not have in our fridge because I had no idea that any such vegetable existed. It turns out that this is what a swede looks like.

It's amazing that 2 seconds in the rain could bring Bobby down with flu, when I walked four miles in that same rain and feel fine. Touch wood.

I'm keeping the car tomorrow though, if it's still raining.

Sophie has just asked me to test her on her spelling words. Ostensibly, the words for this week are linked by their "short u" sound. However, aside from being way too easy for her, they confirm my worries about her teacher's thought processes.

The words for this week: stubborn, unless, unwell, suspect, culprit, skull, struck, sudden, and disgust. The last word was budge. I'm amazed it wasn't "bludgeon".

Sophs has taken to updating her blog again, by the way. She does everything so wholeheartedly - she tackled the tasks of learning cursive handwriting and writing with a cartridge pen (which everyone else in her class did last year) with such determination that she's mastered them in just one month. I hope she never loses that.

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