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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Lovely day today.

We got up early this morning and drove the 2.5 hours down to Portland, on the Dorset coast, to do some climbing.

It's amazingly beautiful. We parked the car at the top of the cliffs, and walked down a rather precarious scrambly path to the sea. White cliffs, green sea, blue sky, seagulls overhead ... It was gorgeous.

View from the very top of the cliffs.
Girls waiting to climb
Bobby climbing
Stephen and me climbing
View of Weymouth

Just what we needed.

The climbing was fun, and the kids enjoyed scrambling over the boulders inbetween times, looking at the shellfish and barnacles and seaweed. After we'd had enough of climbing, we went for a walk along the cliff-tops - amazing views.

I'm sunburned though. Really stupid of me ... I guess the breeze masked the heat of the sun. I seem to be the only one affected, which is odd. Why just me? We were all in the sun. Oh well, better me than the kids; at least this way I don't have to feel guilt pangs as well as sunburn pain.

Funny coincidence - we pulled out of our driveway at 6:24 am, and we pulled back in again at 6:24 pm. Very tidy.

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