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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

In yesterday's post : a flyer from Papa John's, advertising a competition with a prize of a free trip to New Orleans.

There must be some sort of marketing award for campaigns like that.

Wish me luck today ... I need to tackle the schools and the paed. endo. It is like wading through treacle trying to get anything done - slow and sticky and messy and generally horrible.

Our GP annoyed me yesterday when I phoned to find out why I hadn't heard from the paed. endo yet. She clearly hadn't looked at Emily's file, had no idea about GHD (thought it was treated with "tablets"), was somewhat snotty and patronising, and admitted that the referral letter only went into the post yesterday. Which I think is doctor-speak for "oops, we clean forgot, darn it, never mind, I'll send it now." Pretty bad, considering when I saw the doctor last week I'd emphasised that the referral was a matter of urgency, as Em had (a week ago) only 13 more shots.

But, on the other hand, at least she did call me back within a couple of hours, something our Florida doctor never achieved. And she did say that she would fax the specialist as well, and gave me their number so I could chase them up myself.

Big article in today's Guardian about truancy and police efforts to clamp down on it.

I'm thinking that perhaps the easiest way to get the kids into schools would be to send them to wander round the streets of Reigate this morning (first day the kids are supposed to be back in school), and hope that the police pick them up. Maybe the strong arm of the law would get speedier responses from the schools and/or the LEA than I'm managing.

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