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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I am snuggled up in bed under the duvet with my laptop; it seems all the cosier because rain is pattering on the skylight windows and the wind is rustling the leaves in the dark outside.

I think the reason that the British love to discuss their weather is because it is so fickle and unpredictable. It started out beautifully sunny today, then went cold and miserable, clouds gathered, it drizzled for a few minutes, then the sky went blue again, and now all of a sudden it's raining hard. And the weather forecast is useless; as far as I can see one might as well roll a dice to predict the weather as consult Much like the weather forecasts for Cape Town, and completely unlike the Orlando forecasts, which were almost unnervingly reliable.

I am sick, as it turns out ... sore throat and temperature and general aches and pains. Which makes my crisis a bit more understandable. Not that the feelings aren't real, but I think I would have dealt with them a bit better if I hadn't been coming down with this bug.

Hoping to feel better tomorrow, as the kids have the day off school (inservice teacher training) and my folks are coming down to spend the day with us.

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