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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Feeling much better ... I must say, if that was my mid-life crisis, I feel a bit cheated. Haven't had an affair, haven't got a sports car, haven't even had plastic surgery. Although it's true I also haven't worked through all my issues yet. So maybe there's still time.

Today I organised a referree for the job I'm applying for, and I baked bread from scratch. I did not find it a particularly spiritual experience - I have friends who can burble on for hours about how meaningful the whole bread-kneading thing is - but the bread tasted very nice. So did the lentil soup I made to go with it.

We have signed up for ScreenSelect, which is one of the British Netflix equivalents; got our first DVDs today, which meant that Bobby had to rush out and buy a DVD player. It is all set up now, so we can look forward to some soothing couch-potato-ing.

This is good timing, because I think I may be coming down with some kind of flu-ey thing. I felt freakishly tired walking Sophie home from school; the hill seemed far steeper and longer than it usually does, and my whole body is aching this evening. If I am getting sick, that would also explain why I have been feeling so fragile these past few days ...

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