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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

There seem to be an awful lot of grumpy moms here. Every time I go to the supermarket I am amazed by how bad-tempered a lot of the mothers seem to be. It's all "don't touch" and "stop that RIGHT NOW " and "shush, I'm busy" and "oh for the last time, if you do that again Henry, I am going to wallop you". And so many crying babies and toddlers! The supermarket positively echoes with them. I don't know which came first, the grumpy mothers or the crying children, but they seem to reinforce each other's behaviour pretty well.

Not that I and mine can't be grumpy and/or tearful with the best of them, of course.

Disappointment of the day : the lavender and mint washing-up liquid - which I bought on the grounds that it would transform my dishwashing experience from tedious, scummy and depressing to magical, relaxing, herb-scented and generally delightful - smells just like mouthwash.

However, the sun is still shining, we have been out to feed the ducks and/or skateboard and/or eat icecream (how much more excitement can they possibly pack into their lives, you may ask at this point) and tonight Bobby and I are doing the date night thing. Although sadly it will have to be a very cheap, or possibly free, date night - a walk in the woods, maybe? Though I have a feeling that such walks may be much more romantic in theory than practice.

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