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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Quote of the day, this morning, from Sophie :

"Look at my feet, mom, all nice and pink! You should have seen them when I got into the bath, they were black! Black all over, even between my toes! It took me ages to get them clean. I had to actually use soap and everything."

Interesting. I hadn't realised that soap is not a part of her normal cleansing routine.

Her feet were so filthy because she spent yesterday running barefoot through Gloucestershire fields, and I put her to bed last night without washing because by the time we got home (around 11) she'd fallen asleep in the car.

I should probably go stick her sheets in the washing machine now, thinking about it.

Today is another gloriously sunny day. I think it's the first day that I've actually been hot here - I'm enjoying the feeling. I've wasted the morning, traipsing between the doctor's (trying to get an appointment with a ped. endo for Em), and our first-choice schools for the kids (dropping off smarmy letters with certificates and what-have-you attached in the hopes that they'll let us in even if they're technically full.) This was the advice given to us yesterday by our friends, who seemed to know what they were talking about; can't say I'm terribly hopeful that it will actually have any effect, though. Looking forward to spending a chore-free afternoon at the park, though, getting in our quota of vitamin D.

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