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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

We got library cards today. I love libraries.

We left the kids at home while we drove the few miles from English Bicknor into Coleford to sign up at the library and wrestle with the bank (it's a lot more complicated to get our money out of our American bank account than we'd expected, and we didn't feel strong enough to deal with the kids and the bank teller simultaneously). When we were done, we returned home to pick up the kids so that they could choose some books. Drove back to the library - and, oops, seems the library closes for an hour over lunchtime. Good grief. No wonder they lost their empire.

We were able to kill time wandering around the high street, though, so it wasn't too much of a pain. And when the library re-opened, we discovered that, though small, it is decently stocked, and that the very pleasant librarians are happy to order anything that's not on the shelf.

So that was good. So was having tea with my folks. So was finally meeting our next-door neighbour, who seems shy but kind.

Tomorrow we have our first encounter with the British health service. I am a little nervous about it - desperately hoping that it goes smoothly, and that we get a speedy referral to a paediatric endocrinologist for Emily.

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