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Thursday, July 21, 2005

The day after we arrived in the UK, I called the furniture removal people to find out when our stuff was due to arrive. They told me it would be at least another four weeks, so I heaved a sigh of relief, thinking that that would give us ample time to find a permanent address to have it all delivered to.

Of course everyone can see what's coming. Yesterday the phone rings : seems our stuff is not only here, but has cleared customs, and must be delivered on Friday, or else we'll incur huge charges for every day it sits in the port. There's no way it can come to our current address; there just isn't space. Same - more so, actually - at my parents' house, and in any case they're about to move. So we had to scramble around, organise payment, and find storage (a lot more expensive here than in the states).


This is such a pain. It means that not only will we have to pay for storage, we'll also have to pay someone else to move our stuff out of storage in a couple of weeks time to wherever we end up living ... what a waste of money.


I liked the doctor. He talked to the kids rather than to me, didn't patronise anyone, and seemed organised, albeit totally unfamiliar with growth hormone deficiency. Stephen left the surgery with a new prescription for his skin - for which we didn't have to pay a cent - and the doctor is setting up an appointment for Emily with a specialist in Gloucester. I am slightly worried because, as far as I can gather, this person isn't actually a paediatric endocrinologist, they are a "paediatrician with an interest in growth issues". So I hope they know what they're doing. I should hear back from them within the week about the appointment, and the doctor said that if for some reason we couldn't get an appointment quickly, the specialist would be able to keep us supplied with growth hormone to tide us over.

So that bit of the day was great; very reassuring.

In other news, Bobby has finally started job-hunting. He's keen on one that would take us up to Yorkshire, just west of York. It is very exciting, contemplating all the places where we could end up living.

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