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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Ugh. The appraiser has just been and gone - two hours before he was supposed to arrive. Two hours which I had set aside to straighten up the house. Ugh ugh ugh.

Oh well. It looked like he was pretty much just measuring the house; hopefully the crumbs on the kitchen floor won't have affected his valuation too much.

I am feeling quite panicky about the amount we have to get done in the next few weeks. This includes :

  • Medical stuff for Em.

  • Visa stuff for Bobby.

  • Sophie's homeschool evaluation is scheduled for Monday, so I need to make sure that her portfolio looks presentable.

  • Book group this weekend - our last one, so I really should actually read the book. We are hosting so I also need to cook something nice.

  • It looks like we'll be going camping/climbing in Tennessee over the Memorial Day weekend with some friends. Doubtless this will entail some prep. work.

  • The next weekend we need to have a huge garage sale and get rid of all our stuff.

  • The weekend after that, we fly to Richmond for Divisionals. I booked the flights this morning; should be a fun little trip.

  • The Thursday after we get back, June 16, the movers arrive. The container should be loaded by Friday afternoon.

  • Not sure what we do with ourselves that weekend, in our empty house, but the closing is scheduled for the next Monday, the 20th.

    We leave Orlando on the 21st, but quite where we go to remains to be decided. We are either going to fly into Albuquerque and explore some of New Mexico, or into Las Vegas and then head out to a couple of state parks from there.

    We will arrive in Boston around the 29th, and leave there for London on the night of July 10th. I have the Boston/London tickets so at least that is set in stone (or at least printed on non-refundable, non-exchangeable tickets).

    I need to postpone my panicking for the meantime, though, as I need to leave right now to get Sophie to a homeschool nature study thing at the park.

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