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Thursday, May 19, 2005

In the grocery store yesterday, someone was giving out slices of something called "grapple",which she said was "apple crossed with grape". When I asked her how they crossed them, she laughed and said something to the effect of "isn't science marvellous". Anyway, these things looked like apple but tasted like grape, and both girls thought they were totally delicious (though the slice I sampled tasted just like Dimetapp to me.) But, I thought - well, grapes are good for you, apples are good for you, whatever, if they like them I suppose I could get some. So, I bought four of them (at approximately double the cost of regular apples). Got them home, only to discover that my initial "Dimetapp" reaction was right on the money : according to the label (which I should have read before I bought the damn things) the only thing that turns "apples" into "grapples" is an injection of artificial grape flavour. What is wrong with people? Why take a perfectly good, healthy, delicious apple and inject something artificial and unhealthy into it? Gah.

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