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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

We had Emily's three-month check up with the endocrinologist today. She has grown 3/4 of an inch, putting her at 4'5.98", and she now weighs 59 lbs 8 oz. The good news is that she's grown enough that she'll be able to ride the Hulk next month when the climbing team goes to Islands of Adventure. The bad news is, she's only gained one pound in three months. She's just starting to enter puberty, which means that her dosage really should increase a lot, but the endo can't increase her dosage by much until she weighs more. So, she needs to eat more. My heart just sank when I heard this; her whole life, people have been telling me that she needs to eat more and I've been trying - and failing - to get her to do just that. It was such a relief when she started the growth hormone treatment and her appetite magically increased : for the first time in her life she actually enjoyed eating, and was putting three meals a day away. And now that's not enough. It probably doesn't help that she's so active. She exercises so much that I'm sure she needs to eat more than the average kid anyway, and she still - even with her improved appetite - eats a bit less than average. So, we have an appointment with a nutritionist next month, and I'll keep a food log till then. I have a pretty good idea of the kinds of suggestions the nutritionist will suggest, so we'll implement some changes now. Whole milk, cheesy sauces, smoothies and nuts in everything, here we come. Thank God she isn't lactose intolerant or coeliac; that would really make life difficult.

The endo also looked at Sophie a little dubiously; Sophie has the same build as Em, though she seems to be growing okay thus far. Since growth hormone deficiency tends to run in families, he warned us to keep tracking her growth and be alert to any signs of her falling off her own curve. I'm glad it's so obvious that we have nothing to worry about with Stephen; the kid is starting to catch up to Bobby.

I must say, I quail a bit at the thought of having to find a new endocrinologist when we move. I suppose our GP will assign us to one; I really hope that the transition goes smoothly as we (obviously) need Emily's treatment to continue without interruption. I guess I'll get two months supply of meds before we leave; goodness knows how we'll go about being reimbursed for that when we're out of the country. I suppose we can keep our bank accounts here open, but how do you deposit a cheque to an account when you're living somewhere else?

After the appointment we went to Barnes and Noble, where the girls ate calorie-laden cheesecake and I drank coffee. I still haven't acclimatised to daylight savings time; I have a hard time falling asleep (last night I was still awake at 2am) and then getting up is hellish. Both girls used some of their pocket money and got a book each. Em chose The Silent Boy by Lois Lowry, and Sophie got Joan Aiken's The Whispering Mountain. I loved that book as a child; I'm looking forward to re-reading it when Soph's done with it.

Tonight Bobby and I have our covenant group (honestly, every time I have to refer to this group by name I cringe, it sounds so hideously voortrekkerish). Afterwards I think we will probably go out for a drink or something somewhere, since Wednesdays are supposed to be our date night.

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