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Monday, April 11, 2005

Saw a car today that had a big "Truth" fish eating a little "Darwin" fish. Isn't that unwittingly giving a certain credence to evolutionary theory?

We got a new sticker for our car at church today : it says 'We are all family, and we all have value". And the UU logo. I really like it. I'm so tired of the religious right taking it upon themselves to define "family" and "values" for the rest of us.

Guess we'll have to take the sticker off when we sell the car, though.

Things are slowly starting to happen with the move. The garden is more-or-less in shape - looking nice, actually - and we've done a few little repairs around the house, so we're on track to put the house on the market at the end of April. And I have got a couple of quotes from removal companies to ship our stuff. It irks me to spend so much money on shipping our not-terribly-wonderful stuff across the ocean, but I guess it would cost even more to replace it all. Specially with the dollar so weak. We seem fated to move from places with weak currencies to places with strong currencies. It seems a little uncanny : we left South Africa when the rand was weak and the dollar strong. Now the rand is looking quite healthy and the dollar is looking rather pathetic. Probably as soon as we get to the UK and start earning pounds, the pound will plummet and the dollar will strengthen.

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