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Friday, April 29, 2005

Things I had written about at length, but which disappeared into the Blogger black hole when I hit "publish" :

  1. My haircut, which, oddly enough, is not too bad, even though the end result bears absolutely no resemblance to what I asked the hairdresser to do. For instance, my request to keep the bangs (hah, I said "bangs", soon I can go back to saying "fringe") just above my eyebrows was met with a "sure thing" and immediate lopping off of all hair to just below my hairline. The hairdresser plans to quit soon and go to nursing school. Hope she's not as cavalier with patient medication guidelines as she is with hair styling guidelines.

  2. House-selling and the need to keep the house looking presentable (this bit was rather whiny)

  3. Realtors and their lack of integrity and ethics (this bit was rather bitchy)

  4. Our itinerary for the next two months - should be fun, if hectic. If all goes according to plan, we will manage a trip to Miami, a trip to Richmond, a camping/climbing trip in Nevada, and a trip to Boston.

  5. Cool homeschooling stuff. Lots of fun co-op stuff going on at the moment.

  6. Some thoughts on the movie we watched earlier tonight - Almodovar's "Bad Education" (excellent) and some thoughts on the Hitchhiker's Guide movie (we are going to see it, but are mentally preparing ourselves to be outraged and disappointed when it doesn't live up to the book.)

    Next time I will remember to hit "save" before I try to publish.

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