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Friday, April 29, 2005

Lost cat.

We think the screen door round the pool enclosure must have been left ajar.

We have walked round the neighbourhood three times now, calling him and rattling his favourite toy. Nothing. So we have made flyers and stuck them all over the sub-division. And we've told all the neighbours, and the neighbourhood kids - everyone is looking out for him ...

The thing is, Moo is such an anxious, timid little kitty; last time he accidentally went into our yard he got totally panicked and cowered under a bush. But that time, we were there to rescue him straight away. I think that he must have been so panicked that he got disoriented, and then wasn't able to find his way back home. And there's tons of farm land at the other end of our street; he could be lost anywhere in there. I don't think he'd stand much chance against a big raccoon ...

I am going to call the shelters, but I don't hold out much hope of finding him that way.

He is micro-chipped, but I could kick myself because he's not wearing his rabies tag. He hated his collar so much that we took it off him ... thought that since he never went out of the pool area it wasn't necessary for him to wear it.

Sophie is crying again. Em and Steve are going to be devastated if they get home from school and he still isn't here.

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