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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Moving update.

I gave our realtor the official go-ahead to list our house as of the end of this month. She has been champing at the bit to get it on the market, but I can't quite face it yet. At least I still have two weeks' grace. I dread the selling process. Absolutely dread it. Homeschooling is just not compatible with having a show-able house. Neither are teenagers. Neither is a husband who is so depressed by his work environment that when he comes home he's like the living dead and unable (or at least, highly unwilling) to do anything around the house.

Someone is coming to give me another quote on shipping costs.

I have some boxes, courtesy of a very sweet person from the homeschool group who just moved here.

And I think I have a place for us to stay when we get to the UK. Some friends of my folks have a house that they're in the process of fixing up; apparently it should be fine for us to use it for a few weeks while we look for a place of our own. I need to make sure that our dates will suit them, though.

We still haven't told some of our friends that we plan to move. I think we're both in a bit of denial about it, and telling people makes it all seem too real. We have book group this Sunday though, so I guess we need to tell that group of friends. I am going to miss them very much.

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