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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Going out to dinner tonight, to a fondue restaurant, just me and Bobby. I can't wait. We really need to re-connect; it seems like we've barely seen each other this past week. And with the kids around all the time, we certainly don't get to talk alone. Gone are the days when they used to pass out by seven; Steve and Em are both fully fledged night-owls these days. We fade before they do, half the time.

Bobby's been trying to figure out when he should tell work about his plans. What he wants to do is tell them now that he's resigning as of mid-June, so that they can transition him out smoothly and no one is left in the lurch. However his boss is such a loose cannon that I think he's quite likely to view this as treachery rather than consideration, and tell Bobby to leave forthwith. It'd be a really stupid thing for his boss to do, but that hasn't stopped him from making various other insane decisions in the past!

My other current worry is Moo. When I first looked up the regulations, it seemed to me that we could take him with us, as all we needed was a certicate that showed that his rabies shots are up to date. But today I read that the cat can't enter the UK till 6 calendar months have passed from the date when the vet takes the blood sample to check the cat's immunity. (I had thought that it was six months from the rabies shot). So even if I get the blood draw done tomorrow, he couldn't enter the UK till mid-October. It will break the kids' hearts if we have to leave him behind. And it may break Moo's too. He is polite to the rest of us, but he really loves the three of them. Specially the girls. He sleeps with his paws round Emily's neck, even. There is no chance that he would have to be put down; the shelter we got him from will take him back - they are basically a couple of women whose homes are filled with cats - but they don't let their cats outdoors and Moo loves prowling about harrassing lizards and creepycrawlies (and now snakes) and getting all muddy and grubby ... He'd be so bored, stuck inside all day without his girls at his constant beck and call.

This is exactly why we resisted getting a cat for so long. The timing is so ironic. Just as we take on all these commitments, we decide to move.

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