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Thursday, December 23, 2004

There's an ominous calm-before-the-storm feeling in the house right now.

Bobby left for work half an hour ago, and everyone else is still asleep. At 8.30. It's very strange. Soph was in our bed when we woke up, but by the time we'd showered, she'd disappeared, I assume to climb in with Em. Haven't heard a peep out of anyone else. I would like to have a quiet cup of tea but I fear that the rattle of spoons and saucers will wake the sleeping masses.

Maybe my in-laws are sleeping in because they are weak from lack of food. They do not seem to like my cooking; they take bird-sized portions and seem to struggle to eat even those tiny amounts. I have been trying avoid foods that they may not like - no tofu! no stir-fried veg! gentle curry only! but it doesn't seem to be helping. Last night I made macaroni cheese and they didn't even like that. I assume I somehow make it differently ... how can you though? I mean, a cheese sauce is a cheese sauce. Maybe it was the whole-wheat pasta. I think I will ask my mom-in-law to cook tonight; she can teach me one of her recipes. That way they should finally get a meal that's palatable to them.

Kids are up. I hear tuneless singing from the bathroom (Ems and Soph) and a sort of groany protesting from Stephen's room. Guess I can safely go start crashing dishes round the kitchen.

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