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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Three weeks from today my in-laws arrive. They'll be staying with us for six weeks. We are counting the days; we haven't seen them since last June.

I need to buy a bed before they arrive. They will be in Stephen's room and he's currently sleeping on a mattress on the floor; not really optimal for elderly folk.

We've been trying to figure out how to juggle the kids while Bobby's folks are here.

Options are : (1) Steve and Em share. Pros : this is the most logical option, as not only is Emily's room spacious, it also has bunk beds. Cons : Stephen will trash Emily's immaculate room and it will drive her crazy and they will bicker and be awful and make Bobby's folks feel awkward about having displaced Stephen.

(2) Stephen temporarily gets Emily's room and Emily shares with Sophie. Pros : Stephen can have free rein in there, and only needs to clean it up when he hands it back to Emily at the end of the visit. Cons : Sophie (by her own choice) sleeps on the floor in a rather beautiful pink castle-shaped tent. Emily is not wild about the idea of sleeping on the floor for six weeks. Sophie's room is also by far the smallest of the kids' rooms.

(3) Stephen sleeps in the crawl space above the garage. Emily came up with this solution and is lobbying for it furiously. Everyone else feels that it's a bit harsh, though.

(4) Either Steve or Em sleeps on an air mattress in the family room. Pros : can't think of any, except that it's the option Stephen is pushing for. Cons : pain to put it all away every morning. And it means people can't be in there when S or E wants to go to sleep.

(5) We draw lots to decide which child is donated (or possibly sold?) to medical science, and we permanently allocate that child's room as Guest Room.

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