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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Nothing yesterday from the guidance counselor.

Pretty slack, if you ask me. I am still reserving judgment but I'm getting less and less hopeful that she'll achieve anything useful.

Watched the lunar eclipse last night. The kids were rather underwhelmed, however; in fact Stephen went to bed mid-way through it. Clearly they lack any kind of poetic soul.

Bobby's enjoying the conference very much. Learning lots of new things, and enjoying the solidly anti-Bush vibe. Makes a change from the local atmosphere. Though I was happy to see a new Kerry/Edwards yard sign up this morning when Steve and I walked to his bus stop. Almost makes up for the guy in the SUV with the W'04 sticker on it who came a hair's breadth away from running Emily down yesterday as she got off the bus. Not that democrats don't drive badly too. But the W'04 sticker added insult to almost-injury.

Actually it always makes me laugh when people here complain about the local standard of driving. They should just try negotiating their way through, say, that area round the big Berea bus stop at the bottom of the hill. I miss that anarchy, though. All the dusty buses and pedestrians cutting across in front of cars and people selling traditional medicines and music blaring from the taxis ... Life here sometimes seems a bit soulless. Easy and safe, but lacking vitality.

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