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Friday, October 29, 2004

I'm not sure I'm brave enough to tackle the cleaning of my ibook's keyboard. This site makes it all seem a bit daunting. I enjoyed reading it though. Who'd have thought keyboard cleaning could be amusing?

Bobby gets home tonight. I've been missing him a lot ... Unfortunately his plane only gets in at 11pm or so, so he's going to miss tonight's Halloween party at the climbing gym. We have an embarrassment of Halloween events to attend this year, but the kids have been looking forward to this particular party all month.

However, Stephen has got himself into an awkward situation where he needs to be in two places at once tonight. He's supposed to attend a lock-in at our UU church tonight, to help set up tomorrow night's Halloween party with the rest of the youth group. But he also wants to attend the climbing party. I think that he thought that if he just ignored the conflict, it would magically disappear. He spent ages flip-flopping this morning (maybe he's like this because we're all Kerry supporters?) Better go to the lock-in, can't let them down. No, I'll go the gym, it's going to be so much fun. Wait, all the youth really need to be there for the lock-in. But maybe they aren't expecting me, I didn't say I'd go for sure. I think I'll go to the gym. It'll be fine to miss the church thing, they don't really need me. No, I think I'll go to the church. It'll be more fun there anyway. No, gym. Church. Gym. Church.

Living with a disorganised person who vehemently refuses any help with getting organised is exhausting.

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