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Monday, October 11, 2004

Interesting. I go into a furniture store with Bobby and there are salesmen swarming all over us within seconds. Go into one sans Bobby, and it's like I'm Invisible Woman.

However, I did end up getting some furniture. Not the pieces I'd seen and liked on Friday - too expensive, it transpired, but a different sofa and matching loveseat. I hope they still look nice once they're in the house, and that they're reasonably good quality. Bobby and I have an absolutely awful track record when it comes to buying furniture. Almost every piece we've ever bought has had some ghastly fatal latent defect and has fallen apart practically as soon as we got in through the front door.

I also bought two extra chairs : two of these. I was so happy when I saw them lurking in the back of the furniture store, looking rather out of place among all the huge plush pieces. I'd seen them in the Ikea in Bristol when I was with my folks, but, since we don't have an Ikea down here in the swamp, I thought there was no chance of us getting anything similar. But there they were, and on clearance too. Instead of costing $99, they were $69, and each one came with a foot-stool ottoman thingy. It was rather torturous assembling them (at one stage I dropped a large piece of wood on my nose, no, don't ask how) but they are very comfy. Now that we have these chairs, our bedroom will contain a Soothing Reading Area instead of just a Trackless Expanse of Empty Carpet. Until the other furniture arrives, though, they're in the Previously Empty Living Room.

We also got a carpet for the computer/family room, which is all tile and rather vast and white and echoey currently. Hopefully this will make it look and sound less like a third-rate conference centre and more like a home.

The two older kids have this week off school (fall break). Unfortunately Bobby leaves for California this afternoon and only gets back on late on Thursday night. We're all going to go away together next weekend though : that camping/climbing trip in Alabama that we postponed because of one those stupid hurricanes. The plan is that Bobby will go into work as usual on Friday morning, and we'll leave together at around 3 that afternoon. I worry that Bobby will be too jetlagged and exhausted to enjoy this but he says life is too short to be tired.

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