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Thursday, October 07, 2004


This is supper last night. I'll do a picture a day, I think, till I've got through all the requests. Supper was a distinctly odd looking meal I'm afraid. And the baked beans are only there because Em doesn't like roasted vegetables. When we eat at the outside table I do indeed set everything out - the lazy susan makes it easy for people to help themselves. When we eat at the diningroom table, though, I usually dish up in the kitchen.

After supper last night, Bobby and I had our monthly covenant group meeting. The topic was time, and the lack thereof, and how it affects our spiritual life.

Listening to everyone else made me realise how lucky I am to be able to schedule my days as I please. I feel pulled in many directions, sometimes, but I am able to set my own goals, and how I run my day is essentially up to me.

It also made me realise how lucky Bobby is; even though his job is hectic and stressful, at least he has someone to take care of everything else for him. We get a lot out of our evenings and weekends, and it's partly because they're not usually taken up with chores.

Ever since our friend died so horribly, unfairly, young, I have been trying to enjoy the everyday moments in life, not just the highlights. The moment when Stephen and I step out of the front door into the dark morning and see the stars. Squeezing orange juice for our breakfast. Sweeping the floor. I find if I can take a step back simple tasks can seem almost magical. Of course the trick is to remember to breathe and take the step, when you're caught up in the noisy chaos of family life.

Time to go make breakfast ...

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