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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First day back at work...

... and I'm exhausted. And it wasn't even a full-on day, just meetings and admin stuff!

Yesterday was a brilliant end to the holidays, though. Bobby and I cycled the 40 miles to Brighton, along the back roads. It was a beautiful ride, traffic-free for much of the way. It felt so good to be outside, in the sun, and moving...

The last hill almost killed me though. It went on for what seemed like forever ... but we made it (just) and then it was downhill into Brighton, and a cold beer and a delicious meal at a beachfront restaurant.

Pictures on facebook, if you want to see -

And we had a good family evening - Indian take-out, to belatedly celebrate Em's excellent AS levels.

I have tomorrow night's dinner already prepped and in my new crockpot - I love the way it looks, hope it cooks well too! It is cool that you can saute onions in the crock on the hob, and it can also go in the oven and under the grill...

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