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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pterodactyl attack!

The streets of London are more dangerous than we'd realised -

This was outside the Festival Hall on the South Bank. A nice evening out - wine, sushi, and a comedy gig called "Nine Lessons And Carols for Godless People" designed for geeky atheists such as ourselves. I'd put a link in but I can't be bothered as I'm updating from my phone on the last train home. We had to run for it along with a lot of other people from the show. Our journey is a teeny bit stressful as Bobby has managed (yet again) to lose his ticket. For the third time in recent memory. It always amazes me that he manages to hold down a responsible job but can't manage a train ticket. Muppet. I do love him though.

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zunzun said...

How cool...wish we had something similar here.