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Sunday, March 21, 2010


Looks like we made it through another winter!

The crocuses are in bloom, and the daffodils will be here soon. They're late this year - all that snow we had...

Bobby, Sophie and I went for a bike ride this afternoon. Lovely to be outside.

Soph found an old, dodgy looking rope swing...

I'm not ready for another week at work, though. It's so hectic at the moment - and on top of everything else, I foolishly agreed to give a guest lecture on psychology in education to the new PGCE people tomorrow night, so it'll be a 12 hour day. Ugh. And, I worked almost all this weekend, doing a ridiculous amount of marking and prep, so I don't really feel rested.

Still... 9 more work days and it's the Easter break. Can't wait.

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