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Thursday, January 07, 2010


The snow makes the world look a different place.

So empty and so clean.

I walked to Bobby's work with him this morning (since I had another snow day and he didn't), and because the snow didn't allow him to go by either bicycle or car. It was beautiful, albeit tiring. Walking through fresh deep snow is a bit like walking through water. And snow that's been compacted a bit squeaks when you walk on it, like Florida sand.

Today has been pleasant. Hanging out with the kids, working at the kitchen table, and going for a second, sunset, walk.

Back to work tomorrow, alas. I wonder how many of the students will make it in. It's -6 right now, and the high for tomorrow is -2, so I'm thinking the snow's not going anywhere, and the slippery ungritted roads won't be any less treacherous...

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