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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Rainy Days (and Sundays)

Grey windy darkness today. It's dreary, and depressing.

Yesterday was busy - it was a surprise family celebration for my uncle, and my cousins had flown in from France and Switzerland for the weekend. So we got to hang out with all the baby cousins - well, the cousins' babies - who were multi-lingually adorable. Between them, they - or at least, the ones who have got to the verbal stage - speak Swiss-German, French, Italian and English. So that was lovely, and reminded me of how sweet toddlers and babies are. Sweet, and noisy. I loved that stage when mine were in it, but I wouldn't like to go back to it.

Sadly, though, we hardly saw Bobby this weekend; he worked flat-out. He's home now, though, and the implementation went really well, so he is (justifiably) proud. I like the fact that he's good at what he does.

After my parents left today I sorted out my lessons for tomorrow. I am ready for the week, but am feeling distinctly uninspired. I enjoyed my week off, but it didn't feel quite long enough. Hopefully the adrenaline of facing my classes will make me more enthusiastic (specially as I am teaching all 8 periods tomorrow); right now, the prospect of the next seven weeks seems rather bleak. I think it's the post-PGCE "what-now" feeling - I have the permanent job I wanted - but what's the next goal?

1 comment:

Rummfor5 said...

I love the goals you set and constantly work to achieve!
Glad you had a lovely family visit :)
I'm finally of the mind to be glad to be done with babies and while I'm still enjoying my toddler and little child stage of life, I don't want to
perpetuate it! :)