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Monday, October 26, 2009

Half Term

Thank God. I really need this break.

Nine days of freedom - and three of them have already flown by.

The days are going to get shorter and shorter from now on, because the clocks went back yesterday. Soon I'll be teaching the last period of the day, and notice that it's pitch black outside...But on the plus side, I love the whole run up to Christmas, all the lights and the decorations, and the carols...

Yesterday was fun, albeit tiring. We went into London, because Bobby needed to take his poor drowned iPhone into the Apple store (you can read about his emotional trauma at his blog). We thought we'd make a day of it - do a bit of shopping (winter coats for the girls), and take Stephen out for a meal. It was a good day, but I was knackered when we got home. Oxford Street was heaving, and it's tiring fighting for pavement space with so many other people. The meal - very late lunch or very early supper - was absolutely delicious, and revived us all. But then, we got on the world's slowest train for the return trip. Instead of the journey taking the usual 30 minutes, it took us more than half an hour just to get to East Croydon. We stopped - for ages - at stations I'd never heard of before. And we had to change three times. This, as Bobby pointed out endlessly, is what happens when one travels without an iPhone.

Today has been pleasant too. I have cleaned the house (no more of that this half-term), eaten cookies baked by Emily, done the ironing (I love the smell of ironing water) and finished my book. Ian McEwan is now officially my current favourite author.

Not sure what we'll do tomorrow, but I'm going to try to make myself go for a run before breakfast. The weather is absolutely stunning at the moment, and I know it won't last. This was Sheffield Park Gardens last weekend ... beautiful colours...

My parents will be spending this weekend with us, so I should get my marking and prep out of the way before they arrive. Then, we have a big family gathering happening on Sunday - a combination welcome party for my cousin's new baby girl, and a surprise 70th birthday party for my uncle. It will be interesting to meet up with all the cousins again. Bobby won't be able to join us, though - he's going to be working all weekend. I will miss him - at events like that, it is so nice to be to catch his eye at certain moments and know that we're both thinking the same sort of thing... I am glad we are still in love. Someone I work with - actually, two people I work with - really seem to dislike their partners, and see them as nothing more than income sources. It's depressing listening to them - it must be grim to have annoyance as the primary emotion that you feel towards your spouse.

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Lisa said...

It sounds like a lovely bit of time off.