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Sunday, July 26, 2009


When we walked down the road to the Coop to get the paper this morning, Roly Poly came with us. He waited outside the shop when we went in, and then he walked home with us. But in a very cat-like manner - the whole way he sauntered along, pretending that he just happened to be walking that way anyway. Though he did call us when we walked out of the shop. Perhaps he was worried we wouldn't look both ways before we crossed the road.

It's been a lazy, pottery sort of day today. We did a bit of work in the garden, but aside from that everyone's just been hanging out reading their books.

I am very pleased with our little veggie garden. The tomato plants are laden with tomatoes; can't wait till they ripen. We eat mange tout and lettuce from the garden every day, and the courgettes are a success, as are the mint, thyme and rosemary. I have high hopes of the butternut and the pumpkin (though I was livid when I saw that those bastard slugs have eaten one of the baby pumpkins; will be making a new slug trap tomorrow) and I think the carrots will be ready to eat fairly shortly. Not sure when the beetroot will be ready, but they all look very healthy. Our only failure thus far has been the spinach; hardly any of it took. We planted some cabbages today, as well. I don't actually like cabbage much, but Bobby has a craving (presumably not a terribly urgent craving) for coleslaw, so in they went.

Ah, school holidays - I should have that Sunday feeling, but, since there's no work or school tomorrow, I feel like it's Friday night every night.

I am desperately hoping that I will be able to go for a run tomorrow morning. I am getting very frustrated with my back/hip - every time I think it's better it seizes up again and it feels like someone is ramming needles into my hip. Seriously unpleasant. Am hoping that taking things very easy today will have helped...


Rummfor5 said...

12 has been wonderful :)
Happy Birthday to your girl.
Sounds like it was a perfect 12 year old party.
When you said in your facebook update that the air was thick with "impulse and charlie"-- now I'm chuckling. I thought that was some fabulous phrase (like impulse and mischief). Thought I learned a new English or African phrase.
What a dope I am sometimes! :)

Annalise said...

How funny! I wonder how often we misunderstand each other and never realize it...