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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Fridays in London

Last Friday, I took the train in to London to see a William Blake exhibition at the Tate Britain which I'd been wanting to see for ages.. It was a lovely, leisurely day; a late start, a stroll to the gallery, picnic lunch in a park...

Tomorrow, I'm taking the train in to the city again. This time, though, I'll be attending a training day for the course I'm teaching next year. I'm looking forward to it - except that, instead of leaving at 10, I have to leave before 8, along with all the suit-clad commuters with their briefcases and laptops and newspapers. What always strikes me as weird is the way that there always seems to be at least one woman doing her make-up on the train. They seem totally unself-conscious, with all their little pots and tubes arrayed on the table in front of them. Maybe it's because of that English thing of ignoring the people around you while on public transport - perhaps they really feel as though they are actually on their own. I'm glad I'll have my iPod to distract me. I love it dearly; I'm not sure it's good for me, though. It can't be entirely healthy to revel in distancing yourself from the outer world... Healthy or not, I'm addicted, and my new favourite podcast is WNYC's Radiolab - fascinating stuff!


madre-terra said...

Maybe you should break the British barrier and go and ask one of those woman about what kind of make-up she uses or something like that. That would shake up the train.

Rummfor5 said...

putting makeup on during a public commute. Very interesting.
I think ipods are best for those kinds of situations. Picking and choosing our social distances.