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Sunday, October 14, 2007

When we went climbing in the Lake District in the summer, we encountered some rather sinister sheep in the fog on the edge of the mountain. Now that we've seen Black Sheep, I suspect that our fears may actually have been justified.

The movie (which Bobs and I saw last night) was pretty funny; sort of like Shaun of the Dead, but with sheep instead of zombies. Not the best acting in the world, nor the best plot, but it was entertaining. We ate out too (at Si) - a rare treat for us these days. We're trying to reinstate our weekly date night tradition, but it's difficult to find the time, what with the kids, the beastly loft, my even beastlier Crawley course (I had to write an assignment for it this weekend; it'll be handed in tomorrow night), and my need to get six or so hours of sleep each night. Oh well. One day at a time, right?

Bobs and Stephen are watching the rugby right now. South Africa vs Argentina. If South Africa win, they'll play England in the finals. I don't really care who wins, though I did feel a pang of fondness and nostalgia when I heard the South African national anthem at the start of the match. Wonder when we'll next be in South Africa...


madre-terra said...

Did you see "Hot Fuzz" yet? Same guys that did "Shaun of the Dead". I loved them both.

madre-terra said...

OH, forgot to say that "Black Sheep" looks funny. Not playing anywhere near me. Oh well, will have to wait for Netflix.