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Sunday, July 29, 2007

So my darling Sophie is 10. A whole decade old.

This time ten years ago, she and I were tucked up in bed together. She'd been born about three hours before; a beautiful, calm birth in the bath tub in the little Durban duplex where we lived. She was an tranquil little baby, and she's still pretty much that way. She gets along with most people, and she makes the best of whatever circumstances life throws at her. She's funny - she has quite an acid sense of humour at times - and kind, and tough ... and very level-headed. I love her very much.

She enjoyed her day today, I think. It's sometimes hard to tell with her, because she doesn't like to hurt anyone's feelings, so she doesn't always let on if she's disappointed about something. When she found out we couldn't do the Go Ape thing, for instance, she didn't fuss or complain, she just accepted it, even though she was sad. But, the day went according to the new plan she'd mapped out, and she certainly seemed to enjoy it a lot.

She opened her gifts, and then had her current favourite breakfast (pancakes, and french toast ... both) - and then we went to Bluewater to do some shopping. With her sister's help, she picked out a new outfit and some new trainers and ... somewhat against my better judgement - got her ears pierced.

I have (possibly irrational) issues with little girls and pierced ears - it smacks of kiddy exploitation to me, somehow. But, she's been wanting them pierced for absolute ages, and since she has to take out any studs on PE days at school, it's either do it now, right at the start of the summer holidays, or wait another year till the next 6 week period where her ears can heal uninterruptedly.

Anyway, she was determined, and she didn't flinch at all during the piercing process, and she was thrilled with the end result. And even I have to admit that she looks awfully sweet with her little gold studs. So that's done.

Shopping and piercing done, we ate out before we headed over to see The Simpsons Movie. (Hilarious, I highly recommend it). Came home, played Clue, ate birthday cake ... and then I felt Soph's forehead and realised she was running a temperature. She is adamant that she feels fine, but I think we may have to go to the doctor's tomorrow - obviously she's not over the bug she had earlier in the week.

More birthday pictures here...

Oh, I almost forgot - I had a moment of sheer outrage in the cinema this afternoon, when I realised that the trashy preview I was watching was for the film version of one of my all-time favourite books - Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising. Coincidentally, one of Sophie's gifts from us this morning was the set of all five books in the series. The film version looks pathetic, though. It's all kick boxing and flames and American accents. Just Not Right.

Going up to bed just now (that's a South Africanism I still have - "just now" to us means "in a bit" or "later" or sometimes even "never", depending on context...) and it is nice that I'm going to get under the same duvet cover that was on our bed the night Sophie was born. It's one of the few possessions that has travelled along with us this past decade...


Maddy said...

Beautifully written, filled with love.

My youngest is 10 next weekend and we are also off to see The Simpson’s movie.

Hope she is feeling better now.

anna v said...

Happy birthday Sophie!

Boo to the Dark is Rising movie. I'd heard rumours it wasn't going to be good but am sad it sounds that bad :(

MF said...

Happy Day to Sophie again :)

And I had your exact same reaction to the preview of No Reservations when I realized it was a remake of Mostly Martha :( With Catherine Zeta Jones, for crying out loud. I keep telling everyone I know not to watch it, but to go rent MM instead. Even though I've never seen No Reservations, I know it's going to be horrible. It truly makes my stomach hurt.

Kelly said...

Happy birthday Sophie! She is just such a gorgeous girl - love those redheads like my girls :). I'm glad she had such a nice birthday. 10 was such a lovely age for Emma.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sophie! That picture is frame-worthy...loved it and after reading this entry I'd say you captured her spirit.
Angela C.

Cate said...

Happy Birthday to Sophie! James (her birthday twin) had a rather disappointing day as well due to family schedule issues that couldn't be overcome. But he seems to have enjoyed the day he got, and he's very proud to be in the double digits. Give Sophie our best wishes, please!!

hannah said...

I Hope her birthday was the happiest.
She is a beautiful girl-- the first photo took my breath away. What a lovely child.
And, your family are all so beautiful.
I love the photo of you watching Sophie opening her gift, and I love the photo of the girls with the cake :) (all three of you!)