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Saturday, July 21, 2007

I missed Sophie's chocolatey sleepover entirely.

I also missed getting the new Harry Potter book at midnight last night.

Instead, I spent the night at the hospital, having a chest x-ray, an ECG (if that's the one that draws the wiggly lines), a series of blood tests and a CT scan.

All normal, thank heavens, so I could come home this afternoon.

I still have the same symptoms that have been bothering me for weeks now (headache, dizziness, different sensation on one side of my face) so I have to return for some kind of heart scan and possibly a brain MRI to check for inflammation.

I absolutely hated being in hospital. The nurses and doctors were nice but I just don't do well in a ward-sharing situation. It's funny, normally I am quite chatty and sociable but I absolutely did not want to get friendly with my fellow patients. I basically ignored them all and waited to be able to go home. Barely slept last night... And all the waiting, and not knowing what was going on - and the stupid backless gown which, to add insult to injury, they made me wear - ugh. So infantilizing. Fortunately mine was roomy enough that I could wrap it around me several times which made crossing the room to get the bathroom do-able. The very large lady in the bed next to me was not so fortunate, poor thing... Makes me want to make sure I never leave home without a set of pjs and a dressing gown in my car. At least I had decent underwear on; a lot more people ended up seeing it than I'd planned on.

It's good to be home, I must say.


Lisa said...

I to abhor being hospitalised. Sorry to hear about worrying symptoms. Hope you get an answer soon.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of you! So sorry you are going through this!


anna v said...


IKWYM about the packing of jammies. Our GP didn't approve of us going home to get stuff and wanted us to go straight to Casualty.

No freaking way! I want my books, my clothes and my toiletries if I am to be incarcerated with K.

Mama Bear said...

I hope you get some answers soon!

Kelly said...

Annalise, scary :( I hope you get some answers soon. HUGS!

hannah said...

that sounds frightening.
Hospitals are not the fun place to be, no. Sleeping in one? Never happens for me. Ever.
I hope the tests go well and that you start feeling well again, very soon.

chris said...

I hope you are feeling better soon.

madre-terra said...

Crud! I am so sorry that you were in hospital. That just sucks.
I hopped over to subtleguru and really enjoyed his blog. Tell him that you are way better than farming stock. And whatever got the crops is all his fault. Am so sorry about the crop report...nasty critters.
Hope all is well with you and please keep all of us who care posted.
Big (((((hugs)))))