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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Disaster! Sophie isn't tall enough to Go Ape. You have to be 1.4 metres and she's about 10cm shorter than that. She is sad; so am I.

Perhaps it is just as well, though... dizziness is probably not all that compatible with tree-climbing...


Jane_hates_Dick said...

What a disappointment! That place looks like so much fun.

Chief Gorilla said...

We're sorry to have caused disapointment. The reason we have a 1.4m height requirement is to ensure that baboons will be able to reach the safety cable they need to clip on to to negotiate their way around our courses safely.
We vey much hope that Sophie will enjoy her treetime will us when she pushes up those last 10cm.
Best wishes,
Tristram Mayhew
Chief Gorilla
Go Ape!

hannah said...

ah :( what a sadness. I hope the last 10 cm come on fast.

I wish GO APE would Go American, too. SO we could share in that fantastic fun. Looks amazing.