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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Catching up time.

Thursday was Emily's actual endocrine appointment. The good news is she continues to grow beautifully. The bad news is that her cortisol levels tested freakishly low (40, when the lowest normal should be 110) so she has to have an hour-long session where they draw blood repeatedly to establish whether or not the low result was just a blip. That'll happen on August 1. I am not too clued up about the implications of low cortisol, but I am not going to google it because I don't want to worry about it unless I actually have to. My gut feeling is that it'll prove normal; she has no adverse symptoms at all so I suspect that the test was just an anomaly.

Thursday evening we hosted a Wii-vening here. A Wii-Vening being an evening where one has friends over and plays Wii games. It was good fun.

Friday morning, I had yet more blood tests done (am getting to know the nurse better than I had planned) and that night we watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoeix. Loved it. I think it's my favourite of the movies thus far.

Saturday we slept in - only got up at 11 - and had a friend over for a barbeque in the evening, and watched Hot Fuzz, which was absolutely hilarious. Along the way Bobby and Sophie cleaned the conservatory roof in a rather inefficient but apparently highly enjoyable manner. You can see photos of the action at Bobby's blog.

More sleeping in today. Bobby and I went for a walk on the North Downs after lunch, and the girls went shopping together. They took the bus; it is cool that they are able to be quite independant these days.

Tonight we're going to watch the rest of the first series of House MD on DVD. We watched the first episode earlier in the week and enjoyed it a lot.

Then it's just Monday and Tuesday before I'm on holiday! Yippee!

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hannah said...

low cortisol. hm. I suppose high cortisol over long periods would do harm, but have never heard of low cortisol. It' swonderful news she's growing well. :) That's the sort of thing a mother loves to hear.
your weekend sounds lovely-- friends and BBQs and sleeping in and walks with husband. Ah.
what are your plans for your holiday?