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Sunday, June 17, 2007

The weekend summary -

  1. Saturday morning the kids were absolutely impossible.
  2. Or so I thought, until, as I was standing in the checkout line at the supermarket and had to fight the urge to thwap the man behind me for humming as he set out his groceries, I realised it might actually be me rather than them.
  3. Isn't PMS lovely?
  4. Also, Bobby had woken up with an extremely sore back. So sore, in fact, that he could hardly move. Couldn't even get dressed on his own, let alone walk. Very strange. He blames it on an unwise Wii baseball swing. I don't know whether I find that idea or the idea that it just started hurting out of the blue more frightening.
    The pain kept getting worse so we went to the walk-in clinic, and nice doctor said it was a tissue injury and gave him some potent painkillers. Bobby was in and out within 40 minutes. I do like the NHS.
  5. By some miracle, I managed to get the house more-or-less into order (two weeks of utter neglect had turned the house into a depressing pit) by the time my parents arrived in the afternoon.
  6. We had a very pleasant evening with them, though Bobby was a bit out of it thanks to the painkillers.
  7. I was up at five to take my folks to the airport (they're spending a week in Portugal.) I felt all smug and efficient being up so early, and the roads were all empty and the birds were tweeting and it was lovely, and I really I should have gone jogging or something, but instead I climbed back into bed as soon as I got home and slept for a further four hours.
  8. Until the girls woke us up, bringing Bobby coffee and father's day fair-trade Belgian chocolates. Our local corner store is a Co-op; they're cool little shops which have a high proportion of fair-trade products.
  9. Enjoyed coffee and the papers, and was pleased to read this article, which validated our approach to baby feeding - namely, that so long as they are breast-fed, all you need to do about introducing solids is, once they are six months or so, offer them little bits of people food to eat - or play with - as they see fit. No need for messing about with blenders or those silly little jars of processed stuff.
  10. Thankfully, Bobby's back was much, much, much better. Still a bit twingey, but he could move again!
  11. So we went for a walk in the park, climbed some trees (very, very tentatively, in Bobby's case)

    and enjoyed the sunshine.

  12. When we got home I weeded the garden. I feel morally obliged to work in the garden more regularly, because while we were away my parents and Stephen worked extremely hard and transformed it from a weedy bedraggled mess into something that actually looks like a garden. They filled in the horrible slimy pond, redid the vegetable patch and planted loads of sweet little marigolds and pansies. It would be too cruel to let all of their hard work be for naught, so I need to keep on top of it, rather than following my usual policy of ignoring it entirely until the weeds have completely taken over, and then being too daunted to do anything much about it.
  13. Stephen organised lunch (a braai, in our tidy garden) as his father's day present for Bobby. It was delicious.
  14. Afterwards, I had a quick look at the stuff I'm doing at work tomorrow. After months of angling for a different role, I have it (for the next few weeks, anyway) - but am now rather wishing I didn't, because I think I might screw up.
  15. Tonight we're going to watch Dr Who, aka the Best TV Show Ever. Except that I'm not all that keen on the Doctor's new assistant; she's a bit droopy and pathetic. Come back, Billie!

1 comment:

hannah said...

I love that photo of you and your daughter in the meadow. What a pretty shot.

Glad your husband's back is doing better.
Sounds like a superb weekend :)