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Monday, January 09, 2006

Well, I survived my first day at work. Quite enjoyed it, in fact. And, funnily enough, didn't even feel nervous this morning.

And I'm cautiously optimistic about tomorrow.

It started off a bit chaotically : I arrived at the school to find that the person who co-ordinates the learning support staff was sick, and so there was no timetable for me, and no-one knew quite where I should be. Wasn't the end of the world though; I shadowed someone else for the day, which was a fairly stress-free way of beginning work.

But, I don't yet know exactly which children I'll be supporting, or how old they are, or what their particular problems are - so I can't tell what it's going to be like long-term.

The home organisation side ran very smoothly today - but that's generally the case for First Days. It's once the adrenaline has dissipated and the novelty has worn off that things generally start to get a bit bumpy.

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