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Monday, January 02, 2006


We've just finished our annual birthday flurry.

My sweet Emily turned thirteen on December 30.

And Steve (who doesn't care to be thought of as sweet, but often is) turned 16 on January 1.

So strange, to think that they were born on summer's days, and yet their birthdays this year were celebrated in flurries of snow and cold rain.

Both celebrations went very well; the outings (shopping, movies) and gifts (clothes, guitar) were all successful.

I have enjoyed all the festivities - my birthday, Christmas, Em's birthday, New Year, Steve's birthday - over the past couple of weeks, but I must admit that I am ready for life to return to normal. Just as well, as Steve and Em return to school tomorrow, and Sophie follows on Friday. And then I start work on Monday ...

We tried to visit Lullingstone Roman Villa today. Only, it was closed. It's a public holiday today, which you'd think would mean that most tourist attractions would be open. But apparently not, since the site was all locked up.

So we went on a rather muddy and grey, but surprisingly enjoyable, walk instead. Today's lesson: there's a reason why walkers here wear gumboots.

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