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Saturday, January 07, 2006

It was snowing this morning, but (to the kids' utter horror and outrage) we went to Stonehenge anyway, on the grounds that if we wait for nice weather to do things here, we'll never get to do anything. As it happened, not only was it not snowing there but the sun actually sort of came out, so it worked out better than they (or we, actually) expected.

We walked around the stones, listened to the audioguide, and then went for a walk across the fields to look at some of the barrows - ancient burial sites.

And then we visited Old Sarum, another ancient site close by. It's a site that dates all the way back to the iron age, and has been used in turn by the Saxons, the Romans, and William the Conqueror. It's interesting to walk through the ruins, and there are absolutely stunning views as one walks around the top of the hill.

The spire you can see in the distance is Salisbury Cathedral. I want to go back to Old Sarum in summer - it'd be a gorgeous place to picnic. We did have a picnic today, at Stonehenge, but it was freezing cold, so it was more of a huddle-over-the-thermos type affair than a blissfully relaxed, luxurious stretch-out-on-the-grass type thing.

So it was a good day, even though I still feel quite sore-throaty and sniffly. I have developed a little Lem-Sip Direct addiction - this stuff is basically paracetamol and some kind of decongestant, but you tip the sachet straight onto your tongue, like sherbet, and it works really fast. Fizzy sweet painkillers, definitely my kind of thing.

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