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Thursday, December 01, 2005

So at midday today I was a soggy mess, moping about and doing the chores in a half-hearted kind of way.

The phone rang; the doctor's practice I interviewed with last week wanted a second interview, at 2pm. Apparently they'd shortened their original short-list to a few (how many?) contenders, and they wanted these people to take it in turn to come and spend an hour or so in the office, seeing how things work, so that if the applicants felt it wouldn't suit them, they could bow out at that point.

Which is a really stupid idea, in my opinion. I mean, they've sent out the job description, they've shown us around at the first interview - obviously if you haven't already bowed out you want the job. Inflicting a second visit on us is just a complete waste of time. And kind of rude, to do it at such short notice.

Obviously, I did not say this.

So I had to call Bobby, get him to come home (since he had the car), take him back to work and drive the ten miles to the doctor's practice. And also get myself out of my faded comfy jeans and baggy sweater and into something professional-looking, and make my hair look less frightening, and put some make-up on.

The afternoon seemed to go pretty well, but who knows. I am a good bit younger than the other people who work there; don't know if that will count against me. They've still got another couple of people to go through, and apparently they'll let us know next week sometime.

I feel a bit less despairing than I did last night. But still not what you might call happy.

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