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Thursday, December 15, 2005

I discovered the perfect no-mess, no-fuss holiday fudge recipe.

I bought a can of condensed milk last time I went shopping, thinking that the kids and I would make fudge sometime during the next couple of weeks.

Only, the can was discovered, wrested from its hiding place at the back of the grocery cupboard, and happily devoured by four spoon-wielding sugar-lovers.

Definitely a win-win situation. A sweet treat for Bobby and the kids, and one that didn't involve the boredom of standing over a stove and stirring away for ages, or the risk of sugar-splash burns. Kind of like my no-cookie chocolate-chip cookie recipe (that's the one where you eat the choc chips straight out of the packet), and distinctly better than my pie-crust-less no-bake mince pies. (Mince pie filling straight out of the jar is really not very nice.)

It's lucky I don't have any aspirations to be the next Martha Stewart.

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