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Friday, November 04, 2005

The Good : I woke up to an absolutely beautiful morning - clear blue sky and sunshine. I really should be living somewhere like New Mexico; seeing blue sky improves my mood immeasurably. Walking Sophie to school this morning, watching her swish through the autumn leaves, was a real delight. (And I have the car today, so I didn't actually need to walk. Bobby takes the bus on Fridays as it's his no-park day at work. Everyone at his work is allocated one day a week where they're not allowed to bring a car - neat idea to reduce traffic on the roads. Public transport here is pretty good; unfortunately, though, it works out cheaper for Bobby to take the car than the bus, so that's what he mostly does.)

The Bad : Poor Emily had a really bad night last night; her temperature was at least 104. (I say "at least" because 104 is as high as our newly-acquired thermometer registers, and it showed 104 practically the instant I laid it on her forehead.) I bought the thermometer last night because she whimpered pitifully that if she had to be sick, she at least wanted to know just how sick she was. I understand that feeling; there is something very validating about having a concrete indicator of one's illness. And luckily there is a chemist just 20 seconds walk from my front door, so buying one wasn't a hassle. As of this morning, her temperature has gone down into the high-but-not-frightening range, though she still has a horrible headache and is all weak and wobbly. I'm glad that I'm able to be here at home, pampering her, and that we haven't had to scramble around putting make-shift care arrangements together because we're both working. I'm sure that lies in our future, though ...

The Ugly : Stephen's room has a faintly surreal air currently. It's (as it generally is) a disastrous mix of damp towels, clean clothes, dirty clothes, half-full glasses of water and crumpled papers - but recently he seems to have taken to scattering his earnings from his paper-round on top of the mess, so one sees pound coins glittering and five and ten pound notes peeking out of the chaos here and there. It is odd that he is so disciplined and together in some arenas and so utterly disorganised in others. I guess he is only prepared to make any effort when the issue is important to him. Though I would have thought keeping track of his hard-earned money would be close to the top of his priorities ...

The Sort-Of-Good-Or-At-Least-Not-Bad : I saw the doctor today about some odd symptoms that have been worrying me. She seemed rather bemused by them but said she didn't think they were anything too serious, and to come back in a couple of weeks if they persisted. (Sorry to be vague, but I'm enough my mother's daughter that I simply can't discuss bodily ailments - other than possibly headaches - in any detail, with anyone.)

The Gosh-We-Really-Do-Live-Somewhere-New
: This morning I saw a fox in the neighbour's garden. A real, story-book type fox, red, with a big bushy tail.

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