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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Picture courtesy of Stephen.

So apparently today was the hottest it's been this date in the past 117 years. Blue sky, sun - it actually got up to around 70, I think. The forecast predicts light rain for tomorrow though (always a safe guess round here) so it looks like things will be returning to their chilly, damp norm. Funny to think that we'd still be running the air-conditioning in Florida.

My only achievement of note today was finding where I could buy popcorn kernels; the kind that you pop in a pan on the stove rather than the microwave kind. Oddly, neither the local grocery store nor the further-away so-called "superstore" (and just for the record - superstore my foot. Come back and talk to me when your huge "open 24 hours" signs actually mean that you are open all day, every day) stocks regular popcorn kernels. I don't like the microwave kind, and even if I did, I don't have a microwave, so we've been missing being able to have popcorn when we watch movies. But today I discovered that the health-food store on the high street has them. Wouldn't have classed popcorn as health food myself, but there you go. I remember this learning curve from when we first moved to the US - it takes a while for one to figure out what's available and from where.

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