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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bobby and I are going to fly out to South Africa for the funeral. My folks are going to come here and look after the children.

We leave here Friday night. Flying Air Namibia via Windhoek into Jo'burg, then hiring a car and driving the four or five hours down to Maritzburg. It will be exhausting, as it's 13.5 hours of travel, and then the four or five hour drive from Jo'burg, but we couldn't find a flight into Durban so we really had no choice.

It's Bobby's mum's birthday on Sunday. And the funeral's supposed to be happening on Monday. It's all so horrible.

We leave South Africa again at 9 or so on Thursday night; get back to Gatwick at around 5am.

The kids are being wonderful about it all.

So tired ... It seems like the last eighteen months have just been one horrible shock after the next.

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